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Walter Vision CNC Tool Grinder with Wheel Changer Universal tool & cutter grinder with 5 CNC axes to manufacture endmills, drills, step drills, step tools, woodworking tools, profile-insert cutters, and others. Machine is equipped with High Frequency Spindle with a Peak output of 59HP. Machine is capable of both grinding and milling/drilling operations.


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Maximum diameter (complete grinding): 12.6” Maximum tool length for peripheral grinding : 14.6” Maximum tool length for end teeth grinding: 11.8” Maximum tool length for complete grinding: 11.8” (Lengths measured from the ISO 50 workhead taper gage point) Linear axes rapid traverse rate: up to 2000 ipm Rotary C-axis: 120° ipm Workhead A-axis: 750 rpm Note: The Workhead cannot be used as a Cylindrical Grinder. 59.0 HP High Frequency Grinding Spindle Grinding head with liquid cooled and asynchronous controlled motor spindle with one spindle end and HSK 50 interface. Peak output: 59.0 HP RPM, variable speed 0 to 10,000 rpm Diameter of Motor Spindle 5” Max. grinding wheel diameter (automatic wheel change): 6” Max. grinding wheel diameter (manual wheel change): 8” Grinding Wheel Changer: Automatic grinding wheel changer with 12 changing stations. The grinding wheel sets are changed along with the corresponding coolant manifold in under 10 seconds. Dimensions for Automatic Wheel Changing: Maximum grinding wheel diameter 12 stations: 6” Maximum grinding wheel diameter 6 stations: 8” Maximum length L1 of grinding wheel holders: 3.3” Maximum number of grinding wheels: 3 Maximum weight of the grinding wheel set: 8.8 lbs CONTROL: - GE Fanuc Series 31i Model B5 - Digital drives - Dual Check Safety for safe axis and spindle operation - HMI computer: PC Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.25 GHZ, 1 GB Cache, 4 GB RAM, PCI Bus - Windows XP Professional Embedded - 15" TFT touch screen monitor - Fanuc ASCII keyboard - Hard Drive SSD, 16 GB - Four (4) USB 2.0 Interfaces, 2 accessible from outside - Ethernet interface - Control resolution: linear.000,1°-axes.000,004", rotary axes 2 NC channels, 12 NC axes, 4 spindles Operator language: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese MACHINE FEATURES & TOOLING: Integral coolant enclosure with fluorescent work light, semicircular polycarbonate operator access door with automatic door lock, and semicircular polycarbonate service access door. Air conditioner, 8,500 BTU *Maximum ambient temperature: 113°F *Maximum relative humidity: 90% Auto-probing: Automatic positioning and measuring device to greatly reduce the setup time for regrinding and minimize operator error for: - Radial and axial positioning - Spiral lead - Measuring of the cutting edge position depending on the grinding program. TOOLING Calibration ball (for use with Automatic Machine Calibration (AMC) & the optional Internal Measuring System Grinding Wheel Adapter, L1=1¼" (45 mm) (2 wheels) Test bar for measuring reference points, ISO 50, length Setting disk with short taper for machine measurement Maintenance, Operator and Software Manuals on Three (3) anti-vibration/leveling pads Machine drip pan Control pendant tool shelf Compressed Air: Minimum supply: Clean & Dry at 80 PSI Standard: 7.1 SCFM Production Package: 8.5 SCFM Electrics: Standard voltage: 400V/3ph/60hz Voltage: 208, 240, 480 or 575/3ph/60hz available via included Power supply requires Star Y connection with center point grounded to earth. Proper grounding of machine is required. Refer to machine floor plan. Maximum permissible voltage fluctuation +/-5% Maximum permissible frequency fluctuation +/-1% Power requirement for the standard machine: 45 KVA Control Voltage: 24 VDC Safety: Interlocked operating door. Operate protection foot pedal safety switch during manual operation stops all axis motion. Reduced axis speed in setup mode. Wheel sticking function allows spindle to run up to 1,000 RPM with door open in manual mode. Dimensions and Weight: Length 146” Width 111” Height 120” Weight 16,000 LB Coolant System: Ebbco Evolution Coolant System 150 Gallons, Ebbco Evolution cartridge coolant system with 24,000 BTU coolant chiller for up to 1 machine. Quiet new chiller fan design. Includes upgrade to 100/300 PSI coolant supply pump and additional filtration vessels for capturing HSS swarf Mist Collector: Smog Hog mist extractor, 1000 CFM, 95% efficiency rating on the removal of airborne oil mist particulates. Auto Clamping System: Automatic tool clamping system with quick connection, foot switch Work Table: C-axis work table, T-slotted for mounting work supporting fixtures. Machine Options: Automatic High Frequency G II Wheel Dresser Includes: Frequency converter and Diamond dressing disc. Does not include dressing software. Dresser can be used for in-process dressing of Vitrified CBN and conventional aluminum oxide wheels. Glass Scales, Linear Axes Automatic Fire Extinguisher, CO2 EBBCO Evolution 40-60-3-M Coolant 400 gallon capacity 35 GPM Evomatic cartridge coolant system 120,000 BTU coolant chiller Microfilter Flow Monitor Pressure relief system 100/300 PSI coolant supply pump Grinding Software Tool Studio Basic Tool Studio is a programming platform with wizard technology that allows the user to program highly complex and standard tools with an easy-to-use graphical interface. The programmed tool is displayed in 3 dimensions on the screen and is an exact reproduction of the tool produced by the grinding machine. The Tool Studio Basic software can be used to manufacture and regrind endmills, drills, reamers and spherical cutters. End Mills For cylindrical and tapered shank type tools with included conical angle of up to 90° and the following end forms; Square End, Corner Chamfer, Corner Radius, Ball Nose, Double Radius and Beveled Corner Ball Nose with up to 4 MGM clearances. Corner Radius with 2 MGM clearances. Ball Nose Left/Left and Right/Right. Corner Radius Left/Left, Right/Right, Left/Right, & Right/Left. Wizards from 1 tooth up to 16 teeth (12 teeth for Ball Nose). Single Pass or Multi Pass fluting. Radius washout at flute end. • Automatic collision detection and Automatic Machine Move Optimization (AMMO) • Regrinding constant helix, constant lead, digitizing changing helix. • Equally and unequally indexed flutes. Ball Nose End Mills with S-Gash Wizard for cutting edge combinations 2/2, 3/3, 4/2 (End Teeth / Long Teeth) Grinding with outside diameter or side of the grinding wheel Start angle for generating definable chisel point. Rake angle up to 30° negative, definable at up to 10 points through the radius section. Drills 2 & 3 flute drills with cam relief, facet and Form E style points and the following gashing options; Conventional, split point, double split point, & radius and core style gashes. Coolant hole probing. Main cutting edge correction. Flute wash out feature. Reamers Reamers with short lead-in chamfer, long lead-in chamfer, or double lead-in chamfer. Straight, Left/Right, Right/Left, Right/Right & Left/Left Tool Studio Advanced Prerequisite: Tool Studio Basic The Tool Studio Advanced is an extension of the Basic Tool Studio software and gives more capability to create non-standard, custom or proprietary type tools. With this enhancement, the user can; • Add grinding operations. • Add Flexprog (NC-Code) operations. • Edit Java scripts. • Create User-Defined Tools. 20 gram probe upgrade-For IMS or applications where chipping is a concern (eg PCD Tooling) Automatic Machine Calibration (AMC) for Tool Studio Automatically maintains the correct wheel shape during production. Includes all common wheel forms. Full 3D simulation Walter Window Mode (WWM) Package 1 Cyclindrical Endmills Walter Window Mode (WWM) Package 2 Tapered Helical Endmills Walter Window Mode (WWM) Package 3. Drills & Step Drills Walter Window Mode (WWM) Package 15 PCD Pockets Internal Measuring System (IMS) for WWM Packages 1&2 Automatic Machine Calibration (AMC) for WWM Includes 3D simulation of the grinding process Optional Loaders & Related Tooling Stacked Pallet Loader for Cylindrical Tools Automatic load/unload up to 504 tools with shank diameters from .125 to 1”. Complete Hydraulic Package Consists of hydraulic supply unit (503877-570) and the hydraulic preparation gear (503895-570). Automated worktable with one (1) automatic sliding carriage - Supports long tools with a variety of manual and automatic steadyrests and tailstocks (additional options) - 290 mm (11.4") traverse - Programmable movement before, during, & after grind - Includes 750 RPM hollow-shaft direct drive motor for A-axis workhead - Center height of the ISO 50 workhead changes from 200 mm (7.9") to 145 mm (5.7")

Walter Vision 5-Axis CNC Tool Grinder with Wheel Changer

Walter Vision 5-Axis CNC Tool Grinder with Wheel Changer