12″ X 39″, Toyoda, Select G-100II 2012 Cylindrical Grinder, Gc-50 Control – Stock Number: 65166

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Our Stock Number: 65166

Toyoda Select G-100II
Cnc Cylindrical Grinder
New: 2012

12.6″ Swing
39.4″ Distance Between Centers
330 Lbs. Maximum Load Between Centers
8,500 Sfpm Wheel Surface Speed
20″ Diameter X 3″ Wide X 8″ Bore Grinding Wheel Size

Equipped With:
Lateral (Shoulder) Gauge
In-Process Sizing Gauge
Sbs Wheel Balancing
Single Point Workhead Mounted Dressers And Table Mounted Rotary Dressers
Coolant System With Magnetic Separators
Toyoda Gc50 Conversational Controls, Graphical User Interface, Touchscreen, 64

Program Capacity With External Usb Hard Drive, Integrated Can Cycles, Maximum
15 Points For Wheel Dressing

Can Be Used As An Angle Head Or Straight Head