18″ X 72″, Norton, No. LC-2, 1957 – Stock Number: 61057

Equipment Details


Our Stock Number: 61057

18″ X 72″ Norton Model: LC-2
Heavy Duty Plain Cylindrical Grinder
New: 1957

Swing: 18″
Distance Between Centers: 72″
Center Taper: No. 16 Jarno
Grinding Wheel Size: 30″ X 3″ X 12″
Grinding Wheel Motor: 20 Hp
Table Handwheel, One Rev. Is: 0.167″
Table Feed Rate: 3 To 144 Ipm
Automatic Wheel Infeed @ Each
Table Reversal: 0 To .003″
Total Automatic Feed: 0.150″ On Diameter
Wheel Feed Handwheel Grads.: Each Click Of The Index Knob Is 0.0001″
One Full Turn Of Index Knob Is 0.004″
One Full Turn Of Handwheel Is 0.100″
Taper Adjustment – Inches Per
Foot On Diameter: 2- 1/4″
Tailstock Center: No. 16 Jarno

Approx. Machine Weight: 31,000 Lbs.
Approx. Floor Space: 220″ Long X 88″ Deep

Hydaulic Table Traverse
Hydraulically Controlled Adjustable Infeed Of Grinding Wheel At
Table Reversals, 0 To .003″ On Diameter
Wheel Feed “Click Count” Indexing Mechanism Permits
Instant Stettings Of .0001″ In Work Diameter Reduction
Without Visual Attention.
Individual Table Speed Controls For Truing & Traverse
Grinding Increase Machine Productivity.
Wheel Reciprocating Feature, 0 To 3/8″ Of Reciprocation
Variable Speed Workhead
(2) Two-Point Rest Supports
Table Mounted Wheel Dresser
Radius Dresser
Large Coolant System
Extra Grinding Wheel
Two Axis Digital Readout Display
3/60/220-440 Volt Electrics
Presently Wired For 3/60/220 Volts, 70 Full Load Amps Service

** Heavy Pattern Machine, One Heck Of A Machine! **
** Inspect Under Power In Our Harrison, Nj Warehouse **
** Beautiful Condition & Appearance **